Consolidated High School District 230: What They Don't Want You To Know

Residency: Intimidating the undesirables

If you own your home or lease your residence, proving residency to District 230 every year is degrading, but it is somewhat straightforward. If you have neither of these, you may have been asked to fill in the 7:60-E2 Students Residence form.

This form is 8 sides long, must be notarized twice, signed by multiple people, has dire threats about legal action for misrepresentations, and asks extremely detailed personal questions unrelated to residency. For example, questions 5 and 6 ask for details of student's before and after school activities that may reveal religious activities performed by the family.

Question 14 asks the applicant "Who is responsible for any damages caused by the student?" which apparently demands the parent or guardian to give up rights without doing anything to prove residency.

Question 20 demands information from your federal income tax return which is "strictly confidential" according to the IRS. "Unauthorized disclosure of tax information is a felony crime" according to the IRS.

The first bullet point of question 4 contains an obvious typographical error, proving that the form wasn't even proofread before being sent out. The combination of draconian power to prevent students from getting an education, and apparent incompetence is chilling.

If you have been asked to fill out this from, I would very much like to hear from you in confidence. Please send me an email at secrets@230secrets.com.

Here is the district form.