Consolidated High School District 230: What They Don't Want You To Know

District 230 Salaries are Sky High

Are you surprised to hear that the average teacher at Consolidated High School District 230 is paid is over $111,000 per year? Isn't that a lot? Like a crazy amount? I thought school teachers were poor and we should feel very sorry for them. Check out the district's own data on their website.

Teachers have some other perks, too. They mostly don't have to work during the whole summer when most jobs require you to work all year with maybe a few weeks vacation. Administrators get 4 weeks of vacation. Teachers and administrators also get 13 days of paid sick leave per year on top of the vacation days. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average private industry worker receives only 15 paid vacation days after 5 years of service.

In an era when very few people get a pension, teachers and other state employees get a pension that is literally threatening to bankrupt the State of Illinois. That only makes sense if teachers aren't paid very well.

What about administrators? They must be paid even more than teachers, right? There are 54 administrators making an average of $155,169 each. The superintendent is making $284,170. There are 359 people on the District 230 Salary Report with a position of "Teacher". That means there are less than 7 teachers per administrator. Isn't that a lot of administration?

Is all this reasonable? Let's do some comparison. Illinois pays its teachers very well compared to other states. We rank #8 according to the National Education Association. According to the NEA, the average salary for a teacher in Illinois is $61,344. Consolidated High School District 230 teachers take home almost double that.

Maybe we just live in a rich area so it makes sense that the teachers are rich too. From the US Census Bureau, we can get per-capita income for the cities served by the schools. The pay looks out-of-whack here too.

It makes you wonder who is watching the hen house.

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